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Washington County Homes Under $300,000 For Sale

Washington County was created by the Wisconsin Legislature on December 7, 1836, with Port Washington designated as the county seat. The west and east are still Washington County, West Bend is the county seat of Washington County, while the east becomes Ozark County, and Port Washington is the county seat. Washington County was separated from Milwaukee on December 7, 1836.

According to a legislative act passed in 1853, the portion of the county east of the 20th Mountains was separated and organized into a new county and county seat called Ozoki. A new county was established in Ozoki (Port Washington) and Washington County at West Bend near the county center.    Show Source Texts

In 1852, the Wisconsin Territory Legislature attempted to divide Washington County into north and south halves, with the northern half retaining its original name and the southern half becoming Taxola County. The state of Wisconsin was created on May 29, 1848, out of Michigan and consists of 28 counties.    Show Source Texts

The city of Trenton is located in southeastern Wisconsin, east of West Bend. The city of Addison is located in western Washington County, about 8 miles west of West Bend.    Show Source Texts

The city of Jackson is located in central Washington County, about 3 miles south of West Bend. The city of Jackson is primarily agricultural, with residential areas and neighborhoods scattered throughout the city of Jackson. Jackson City families send their children to 3 school districts: Cedarburgh, Germantown and West Bend.    Show Source Texts

The Jackson Swamp Wildlife Refuge is approximately 2,400 acres located on the G County Highway. Visit Homestead Hollow County Park in Germantown, which features 105 acres of trails, hills, rides and a variety of sports fields.

Located on the shores of Little Cedar Lake, Ackermans Grove County Park features hiking trails through wooded, wildflower-filled hillsides, swimming beaches and lakeside picnic areas. For more prehistoric parks, head to Farmingtons Lizard Mound County Park to see mounds crammed with Native Americans.    Show Source Texts

In Washington County, the best example of their effigy mounds is in Lizard Mound County Park in West Bend, Wisconsin. Less than an hour northwest of downtown Milwaukee, nestled in the heart of Wisconsin’s scenic Kettle Moraine, is the Washington County Golf Course. Learn more about Wisconsin courtroom, tax, land, and probate records.    Show Source Texts

See the Wisconsin Probate Records wiki page for information on how to use probate records. Land cases, probate, and court cases typically begin in Wisconsin with the county’s county organization. Once the land became private property, subsequent transactions were usually recorded in the county court, where the records are currently kept. Some counties formed from other counties have rewritten their portion of property records to be retained in the new county record registers.    Show Source Texts

At that time, court cases were decided through Milwaukee County. Known Start Dates for County Master Records [4] Birth * Marriage Death * Court Census of Land Succession 1850 1850 1850 1849 1835 1851 1820 * Statewide registration of births and deaths began in 1907.    Show Source Texts

Of the 43,842 households, 36.40% had children under 18 living with 43 people, 64.20% were married couples living together, 7.20% had a female head of household but no husband was present, and 25.30% were not households. Among those who live in different counties, 77% live in Wisconsin.    Show Source Texts

In the 2013-2013 school year, GSD Germantown High School was ranked in the top 20 public high schools in Wisconsin and Richfield Elementary was ranked in the top 10 elementary schools in Wisconsin. U.S. News & World Report ranks West Bend High School as the fourth-best high school in Wisconsin.

The West Bend School District in West Bend, Wisconsin, was recently recognized as a member of the AP Honor Roll College Board for outstanding performance on the Advanced Placement exam. Located in West Bend, the Wisconsin Museum of Art has two major collections and many exhibits.    Show Source Texts

The Agriculture Program provides support to local farmers and agricultural businesses through a three-county agreement between Washington, Ozoki, and Sheboygan counties. The Well Washington County Coalition was formed to prioritize the health of Washington County residents and work to improve health outcomes through community action groups and a leadership council. The county executive is Josh Schumann, a Republican who is the first county executive whose office was created in 2020.    Show Source Texts

The purpose of the Washington County Registry of Records is to provide official record keeping for statutory property registry records or documents such as deeds, mortgages, satisfactions, certified surveying charts, platforms, and federal tax liens. The City and County will review the final platform for compliance with the approved provisional platform, this chapter, and any ordinances, rules, ordinances, or other plans that may affect the platform.

Animated maps illustrating the changing boundaries of Wisconsin County can be viewed free of charge at the website “Maps of Wisconsin County Boundaries with Rotating Formation” (1790-1961).    Show Source Texts


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