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This Week’s Promo Code: Help Grow Conservative Media in Wisconsin

This week’s Amazon PROMO CODE for WRN readers can be accessed here.

Together, we can grow conservative media in this state.

To be clear: We are not asking you to buy anything you don’t already buy. But here’s how to send some of that cash you already give Jeff Bezos & the Washington Post to support conservative media instead.

Dear readers:

We could use your help. Here’s how you can divert some of that money you already give to Jeff Bezos to keep Wisconsin Right Now going.

And trust us, he doesn’t need your cash. Plus, he’s funding the Washington Post, and we’re trying to balance the scales for conservatives in this state.


We are trying to find ways to fund Wisconsin Right Now to keep it going outside the influence of dark money. We are truly an independent voice right now. But it’s not easy. And it costs us money in server space, and time, and so forth.

If you’re an Amazon shopper, and you click on the promo code link here or at the top of the story, and then buy ANYTHING on Amazon.com (it doesn’t have to be the thing at the link, although it is a valid promo code), Wisconsin Right Now gets about 4% of the purchase price for anything purchased within 24 hours of clicking on the promo code (more for some items, less for others).

It’s not spam. It’s called affiliated marketing, and it’s done by all major online media these days – even the New York Times. It’s actually a really interesting concept, and it’s something we are trying (in addition to other things like Google ads, reader memberships).

The same is true if you click the links on our shopping stories and then buy anything within 24 hours (example: https://www.wisconsinrightnow.com/…/green-bay-packers…/). Again- you don’t have to buy the items at the links – if you purchase anything on Amazon within 24 hours of clicking through the link, we get part of it.

They give us promo codes to share. To be clear: We are not asking you to buy anything you don’t already buy. But if you’re going to be using Amazon ANYWAY, why not click on the link and then do your shopping so Wisconsin Right Now gets some of it, not just Jeff Bezos. Or you can skip this and just give all of it to Jeff Bezos, but he’s funding the Washington Post and we’re funding Wisconsin Right Now.


We are going to post the promo codes here every week. Again, if you’re buying stuff off Amazon anyway, your purchases thus help keep Wisconsin Right Now going and free of influence. And maybe you will actually find some of the promo codes useful.

We hate this kind of thing, but the practical matter is if we don’t make any money doing this, we lose money because it takes our time away from other paying ventures we do. So, we have to start finding a way to make money or we will eventually stop doing this, unfortunately.

You could also become a reoccurring member for just $10 a month of whatever you can afford here.

We know money is tight for everyone, so we want everyone who contributes to know how much we appreciate it and how it, truly, is keeping this site from closing. And we think what Wisconsin Right Now does is important because we’re trying to tell the stories that get ignored or twisted. We don’t get your private information; the special links just allow Amazon to know that the commission should go to the WRN account.

HERE’S THE PROMO CODE AGAIN for this week. It’s good until Dec 29, 2022 at 11:59 PM PST. Again, this helps us if you get to Amazon through that link and then you buy anything on Amazon in 24 hours not just the items at the link.

Thanks everyone!


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