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Speaker Vos Announces Assembly Standing Committee Membership

Speaker Robin Vos announced the membership of the Assembly standing committees. The 106th Wisconsin State Legislature begins with the inauguration of members on January 3, 2023.

In a press release, Vos said, “We’re excited and ready to work with our colleagues in addressing the critical issues facing our state. I am confident these leaders are up to the challenge.”

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Here are the Robin Voice Assembly Standing Committee Assignments:

Assembly Standing Committee Membership

Committee Chair Vice-Chair GOP Members
Agriculture Rep. Travis Tranel Rep. Loren Oldenburg Rep.-elect Karen Hurd Rep. Joel Kitchens, Rep. Clint Moses, Rep. Jeff Mursau, Rep. Todd Novak, Rep.-elect Ellen Schutt, Rep.-elect Peter Schmidt, Rep. Nancy VanderMeer
Audit Rep. Robert Wittke Rep. John Macco Rep. Mark Born
Campaigns and Elections Rep. Scott Krug Rep.-elect Dave Maxey Rep. Dave Murphy, Rep. Donna Rozar, Rep. Paul Tittl, Rep. Ron Tusler
Children and Families Rep. Pat Snyder Rep.-elect Joy Goeben Rep.-elect Ty Bodden, Rep. Barbara Dittrich, Rep. Rick Gundrum, Rep. William Penterman. Rep. Treig Pronschinske. Rep. Chuck Wichgers
Colleges and Universities Rep. Dave Murphy Rep.-elect Amanda Nedweski Rep.-elect Joy Goeben, Rep.-elect Scott Johnson, Rep. Scott Krug, Rep.-elect Tom Michalski, Rep. Clint Moses, Rep.-elect Ellen Schutt, Rep. Rob Summerfield, Rep. Robert Wittke
Consumer Protection Rep. Calvin Callahan Rep.-elect Scott Johnson Rep. Elijah Behnke, Rep. Treig Pronschinske, Rep.-elect Nik Rettinger, Rep.-elect Peter Schmidt
Corrections Rep. Michael Schraa Rep.-elect Ty Bodden Rep. Janel Brandtjen, Rep. Rob Brooks, Rep. Calvin Callahan, Rep.-elect Karen Hurd, Rep.-elect Dave Maxey, Rep.-elect Jerry O’Connor, Rep.-elect Angie Sapik, Rep. Paul Tittl
Criminal Justice and Public Safety Rep. John Spiros Rep.-elect Ellen Schutt Rep.-elect Bob Donovan, Rep. Cindi Duchow, Rep.-elect Chanz Green, Rep. Todd Novak, Rep. Michael Schraa, Rep. Shae Sortwell, Rep. David Steffen, Rep. Chuck Wichgers
Education Rep. Joel Kitchens Rep. Barbara Dittrich Rep.-elect Amy Binsfeld, Rep. Cindi Duchow, Rep. Jeffrey Mursau, Rep.-elect Amanda Nedweski, Rep. William Penterman, Rep. Donna Rozar, Rep. Chuck Wichgers, Rep. Robert Wittke
Energy and Utilities Rep. David Steffen Rep. Rob Summerfield Rep.-elect Bob Donovan, Rep.-elect Karen Hurd, Rep. Adam Neylon, Rep. Loren Oldenburg, Rep. Kevin Petersen, Rep. Warren Petryk, Rep. Shae Sortwell, Rep. Paul Tittl, Rep. Travis Tranel
Environment Rep. Loren Oldenburg Rep. Joel Kitchens Rep. Elijah Behnke, Rep.-elect Ty Bodden, Rep. Todd Novak, Rep.-elect Peter Schmidt
Family Law Rep. Donna Rozar Rep.-elect Amy Binsfeld Rep.-elect Karen Hurd, Rep.-elect Jerry O’Connor, Rep.-elect Amanda Nedweski, Rep. Pat Snyder
Financial Institutions Rep. Cindi Duchow Rep.-elect Jerry O’Connor Rep. Scott Allen, Rep. Terry Katsma, Rep. Dave Murphy, Rep. Warren Petryk, Rep.-elect Nik Rettinger
Forestry, Parks and Outdoor Recreation Rep. Jeff Mursau Rep. Calvin Callahan Rep.-elect Ty Bodden, Rep. James Edming, Rep.-elect Chanz Green, Rep. Clint Moses, Rep. Treig Pronschinske, Rep. Rob Swearingen, Rep. Paul Tittl, Rep. Ron Tusler
Government Accountability and Oversight Rep. Dan Knodl Rep. David Steffen Rep. Janel Brandtjen, Rep.-elect Tom Michalski, Rep. Pat Snyder
Health, Aging and Long Term Care Rep. Clint Moses Rep. Donna Rozar Rep. Rob Brooks, Rep. Barbara Dittrich, Rep. Rick Gundrum, Rep. Gae Magnafici, Rep. Dave Murphy, Rep.-elect Angie Sapik, Rep.-elect Ellen Schutt, Rep. Rob Summerfield, Rep. Nancy VanderMeer
Housing and Real Estate Rep. Rob Brooks Rep. William Penterman Rep. Scott Allen, Rep. David Armstrong, Rep.-elect Joy Goeben, Rep. Scott Krug, Rep. Dave Murphy, Rep. Treig Pronschinske, Rep. Michael Schraa, Rep. Rob Summerfield
Insurance Rep. Barbara Dittrich Rep. Calvin Callahan Rep. Cindi Duchow, Rep. Warren Petryk, Rep.-elect Nik Rettinger, Rep. Michael Schraa, Rep. Travis Tranel, Rep. Ron Tusler
Jobs, Economy and Small Business Development Rep. Rick Gundrum Rep. David Armstrong Rep.-elect Amy Binsfeld, Rep. Dan Knodl, Rep. John Macco, Rep. Adam Neylon, Rep.-elect Jerry O’Connor, Rep. Donna Rozar
Judiciary Rep. Ron Tusler Rep.-elect Nik Rettinger Rep. Elect Ty Bodden, Rep.-elect Nate Gustafson, Rep. Shae Sortwell
Labor and Integrated Employment Rep. William Penterman Rep.-elect Angie Sapik Rep. Calvin Callahan, Rep. James Edming, Rep.-elect Nate Gustafson, Rep. Warren Petryk
Local Government Rep. Todd Novak Rep.-elect Bob Donovan Rep. Rick Gundrum, Rep.-elect Scott Johnson, Rep. Scott Krug, Rep.-elect Dave Maxey, Rep.-elect Tom Michalski, Rep. Treig Pronschinske
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Prevention Rep. Paul Tittl Rep. Barbara Dittrich Rep. Elijah Behnke, Rep. Rick Gundrum, Rep. Gae Magnafici, Rep. Jon Plumer, Rep. Nancy VanderMeer, Rep. Chuck Wichgers
Regulatory Licensing Reform Rep. Shae Sortwell Rep.-elect Nate Gustafson Rep. Scott Allen, Rep.-elect Joy Goeben, Rep. Dan Knodl, Rep. John Macco
Rural Development Rep. David Armstrong Rep.-elect Peter Schmidt Rep. James Edming, Rep.-elect Chanz Green, Rep.-elect Karen Hurd, Rep. Clint Moses, Rep. Todd Novak, Rep. Nancy VanderMeer
Sporting Heritage Rep. Treig Pronschinske Rep. Paul Tittl Rep.-elect Ty Bodden, Rep. Rob Brooks, Rep. Calvin Callahan, Rep.-elect Chanz Green, Rep. Jeff Mursau, Rep. Shae Sortwell
State Affairs Rep. Rob Swearingen Rep.-elect Chanz Green Rep. Rob Brooks, Rep. Calvin Callahan, Rep.-elect Nate Gustafson, Rep. Clint Moses, Rep. Michael Schraa,  Rep. John Spiros, Rep. Rob Summerfield
Tourism Rep. Gae Magnafici Rep. Rob Swearingen Rep. Joel Kitchens, Rep. Scott Krug, Rep. Jeff Mursau, Rep. Jon Plumer, Rep. Rob Summerfield, Rep. Nancy VanderMeer
Transportation Rep. Nancy VanderMeer Rep.-elect Karen Hurd Rep. James Edming, Rep.-elect Scott Johnson, Rep.-elect Dave Maxey, Rep. Jon Plumer, Rep.-elect Peter Schmidt, Rep. John Spiros, Rep.-elect Ellen Schutt
Veterans and Military Affairs Rep. James Edming Rep. Nancy VanderMeer Rep. Scott Allen, Rep.-elect Tom Michalski, Rep. William Penterman, Rep. Warren Petryk, Rep. Pat Snyder, Rep. Shae Sortwell, Rep. Rob Summerfield, Rep. Paul Tittl
Ways and Means Rep. John Macco Rep. Rob Brooks Rep. David Armstrong, Rep.-elect Amy Binsfeld, Rep. Calvin Callahan, Rep. Barbara Dittrich, Rep.-elect Nate Gustafson, Rep. Pat Snyder
Workforce Development and Economic Opportunities Rep. Warren Petryk Rep.-elect Tom Michalski Rep. David Armstrong, Rep. Rick Gundrum, Rep.-elect Amanda Nedweski, Rep.-elect Jerry O’Connor, Rep.-elect Nik Rettinger, Rep. Donna Rozar, Rep.-elect Angie Sapik, Rep. Pat Snyder
Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules Rep. Adam Neylon Rep. Kevin Petersen Rep. John Spiros
Joint Committee on Finance Rep. Mark Born Rep. Terry Katsma Rep. Alex Dallman, Rep. Tony Kurtz, Rep. Jessie Rodriguez, Rep. Shannon Zimmerman

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