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Tim Michels: Journal Sentinel Attacks Mainstream Religious Charities in Political Hit Piece

By Tim Michels

I was under no illusions that the mainstream media was going to fairly cover this race. They’ve been in the tank for Tony Evers since he first announced he was running against Scott Walker five years ago. They have covered for him in the four years he’s failed as governor. They don’t ask him tough questions. They don’t examine his light schedule. They never press him when he ducks them. All this was well known as I was deciding whether or not to run for governor. Mainstream media bias is a known fact in politics. Every conservative knows this.

But I am surprised at the anti-Christian bigotry that is now on full display, emanating from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

They’ve now stooped so low as to attack my wife and me for donating to religious organizations.

By now, most of you know my story. I was born in a small, rural community in Dodge County. My parents were not wealthy, but they were industrious. They started a business from scratch and by the time I graduated from Saint Norbert College and entered the US Army, they had a few hundred employees. After my 12 years as an Army Ranger Officer, I re-joined the family business. Unfortunately, I only had a year to work alongside my Dad before he passed. Working side by side with my brothers and my Mom, we grew what is now the Michels Corporation into Wisconsin’s largest construction company, employing more than 8,000.

I am not going to apologize for the prosperity I’ve earned. The radical Left thinks success is a bad thing. I think there is merit to hard work. And it’s in my DNA to give back to my community.

I know Barbara and I have been blessed, and we give thanks, and we give back.

The corrupt media is trying to make our charitable giving, and our faith, into something malicious. It’s appalling. While I’m a candidate for public office and the subject of this particular hit piece, we should all be troubled by this unbelievable and unprecedented attack on private charity and religious activity. The left may think that only Big Government can do good works, but you and I know just how important and instrumental private charities are to the fabric of our way of life. Are your private charitable contributions the media’s next target?

I was born Catholic and we support Catholic causes. I’m a Christian and attend Spring Creek Church now. We support our church and Christian causes.

As you may know, our family, like so many others, has experience with cancer – in particular childhood cancer. We support the MACC fund, Children’s Hospital, and other cancer research.

We have also given money to pregnancy resource centers, Wisconsin Right to Life and Pro Life Wisconsin because we believe women who may feel overwhelmed by an unplanned pregnancy need and deserve compassion, love, support, and options other than abortion.

I apologize for none of it. Barbara and I appreciate the men and women at these organizations who work tirelessly to help others and we are proud to support their efforts.

But this is what we are up against, the biased media is so in the tank for Evers, they are saying our charitable donations are radical.

I will never, ever apologize for giving to charitable causes, or for being a Christian. However, the Journal Sentinel should be ashamed of its anti-religious bigotry.

This is what the Left thinks of private enterprise and private charity. This is what is at stake in elections up and down the ballot this fall.

Being outraged at this is understandable. But it’s not enough.

Get involved. Push back. Speak up. Volunteer. Donate. Vote.

There is more at stake than one election.


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