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Kleefisch, Toney, Testin Dominate Fields at Republican Convention

The state party did not endorse any candidates except pastor Orlando Owens for state treasurer.

Rebecca Kleefisch, Eric Toney, Patrick Testin, and Amy Loudenbeck dominated their respective fields during the endorsement votes at the state Republican convention this weekend.

Kleefisch, Toney, and Loudenbeck received a majority of the votes from delegates. In all of the cases, no other candidate came close, although support for gubernatorial candidates Kevin Nicholson and Tim Michels likely was diverted to the controversial “no endorsement” choice. Nicholson specifically asked his supporters to choose no endorsement.

Kleefisch stressed the fact she has won statewide before. Toney highlighted his prosecution experience and argued that Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul has failed on public safety.

Loudenback and Testin are state legislators. Kleefisch is the former lieutenant governor. Toney is the Fond du Lac County District Attorney.

The state party did not endorse any candidates except pastor Orlando Owens for state treasurer; he was the lone choice for that. That’s because delegates agreed, after a strong push by former combat veteran Nicholson, to include “no endorsement” as a ballot choice.

If a candidate did not get over 60%, they didn’t get the endorsement, even if they dominated their field. Especially in races with a lot of candidates, the decision virtually ensured no one would get the endorsement. This is controversial, and it’s the first time since 2009 that a non-endorsement option was allowed.

Wisconsin Republican Convention Results


Ballot 2

Kleefisch: 54.63%
No endorsement: 44.82%
Ramthun: 2.55%

Ballot 1

Kleefisch 51.7%
No endorsement 36.4%
Ramthun 5.1%
Nicholson 3.1%
Michels 2.8%

Attorney General

Eric Toney 53.8%
Adam Jarchow 27.2%
No endorsement 19%
Karen Mueller wasn’t on the ballot

Lt. Governor

2nd ballot

Testin: 45.87%
No endorsement: 44.70%
Martin: 9.43%

1st ballot

No endorsement 37.74%
Testin: 31.39%
Martin: 8.45%
Wichmann: 5.45%
Varnam: 5.13%
Voelkel: 5.02%
Roth: 4.70%
Werner: 2.13%

Secretary of State

Amy Loudenbeck: 54.28%
Jay Schroeder: 24%
No Endorsement 21.64%

State Treasurer

Orlando Owens – endorsed


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