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Craig, Kistner vie for Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District

(The Center Square) – Political candidates are fighting for political advantage in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District in the Nov. 8 election.

The Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan group that analyzes elections, ranks the 2nd Congressional District as a Democrat “toss up.” The seat is up for grabs between incumbent Democrat U.S. Rep. Angie Craig and Republican Tyler Kistner.

The two debated last week, hosted by the Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce and held at Dakota County Technical College.

Kistner blamed President Joe Biden and Democrat policies for spending nearly $4 trillion since 2020 for driving the nation’s current 8.2% inflation and other economic woes.

“There’s no way of denying it – look at gas prices,” Kistner said. “Look at inflation. You definitely know he’s the president. I think Joe Biden won the 2020 election just going off what the last two years have been.”

Kistner equated the spending to “mortgaging your kids’ future” and suggested cutting taxes on small businesses.

He said the solution to inflation is to “rein in that government spending, start tapping into American energy dominance, and look to start investing back into American resources and manufacturing to help bring back a stronger American economy.”

Craig defended COVID spending as “saving businesses” in Minnesota and said that the Inflation Reduction Act would lower health care costs and boost renewable energy.

Craig called for an “all of the above” strategy for domestic energy that includes renewable energy and oil. 

“My opponent Tyler Kistner opposed efforts to lower drug prices,” Craig said. “And you know what? Big Pharma thanked him for that. He opposed investments in renewable energy and big oil thanked him for that.”

The two agreed that Biden couldn’t unilaterally spend $400 billion to forgive student loans without congressional authority.

It was the only scheduled debate for the district race. OpenSecrets says that Craig has raised $5.2 million compared to Kistner’s $2.7 million.

In 2020, Craig edged out Kistner. Craig serves on House Committees on agriculture, energy and commerce, and small business.

Craig touted her work to lower prescription drug prices, allow year-round sales of E-15 fuel, and cut taxes on small businesses.

The Cook Political Report ranked Minnesota’s first congressional district as “likely Republican” in favor of Brad Finstad.

Finstad will face Jeff Ettinger, the former CEO of Hormel, in November. Finstad defeated Ettinger in an August special election.

Republicans need to net five seats to take control of the House.


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