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Eric Toney Slams Josh Kaul For Listing ZERO Law Enforcement Endorsements

Republican Attorney General candidate Eric Toney called Democratic AG Josh Kaul the “most partisan attorney general we have ever seen,” and slammed Kaul’s complete lack of law enforcement endorsements, mismanagement of the state crime lab, and refusal to follow the rule of law when it doesn’t fit his political agenda.

Toney noted that he has bipartisan support from police chiefs, sheriffs, and DAs. He has more than 100 law enforcement endorsements. Kaul has listed ZERO law enforcement endorsements, a fact the other media refuse to report.

Toney said Kaul’s zero listed law enforcement endorsements are the equivalent of Clint Eastwood’s empty chair.

Kaul “turned his back on our law enforcement when they needed him more than ever,” said Toney. “He has no support from law enforcement.”

Toney spoke at the Conservative Political Education Conference in Wausau on Sept. 17, 2022. It was sponsored by Get Involved Wisconsin, Inc.

He slammed Kaul for taking in and testing fewer items at the state crime lab than former Republican AG Brad Schimel and “taking longer to do it.”

Kaul, Toney said, has “never personally prosecuted a case in Wisconsin.”

Toney described recently sitting in the office of a Democratic sheriff, who told him that in the four years Kaul has been Attorney General, they have met zero times. He walked out of the office with the sheriff’s endorsement.

As fentanyl kills throughout the state and violence skyrockets in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has an “absent attorney general,” Toney said.

Instead, he said, Kaul has politicized his office, refusing to enforce the rule of law when it doesn’t fit his partisan agenda, Toney said.

“What matters is equal justice under the law,” Toney said. “We expect our attorney general and our elected leaders to follow the rule of law and follow the Wisconsin and US Constitutions.”

As a District Attorney, Toney said, he has “a demonstrated record of enforcing the rule of law,” even sometimes being attacked from people in his own Republican Party.

That’s not Kaul’s record, he said.

As Kenosha burned, Kaul “did nothing,” he said. “He turned his back on our cops. Our top cop wasn’t there for our law enforcement. It’s personal to me. We need to make sure our law enforcement has an attorney general stands with them. It’s time we have an attorney general who stands with our law enforcement in Wisconsin.”

Kaul “filed a lawsuit trying to challenge the abortion law. It was a frivolous lawsuit and he was wrong on law. he effectively admitted it when he just dropped Republican lawmakers and added district attorneys,” said Toney.

Said Toney: “I will not back down on enforcing rule of law.” Kaul, he said, “enforces the rule of law when it agrees with his partisan political beliefs.”


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