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WATCH: Wild Milwaukee Police Foot Chase on Water Street

You think things are crazy on Water Street in downtown Milwaukee? Check out this video.

Wisconsin Right Now’s Jim Piwowarczyk captured video on Friday, June 18, 2021, of Milwaukee police chasing a man down the middle of Water Street and then taking him into custody.

Milwaukee Police Foot Chase Video

This video shows:

How dangerous and chaotic things have gotten in Milwaukee’s downtown bar district.

The complete failure of city leaders to get a handle on it.

How dangerous the jobs of police are, and how much we ask them.

How the media aren’t telling you what’s really going on. There was not a word of this on any station. A source told us the¬†Milwaukee Police foot chase started because police were spat on. We have a request to MPD for more details.

This is all part of our mission to tell you the news the media won’t. Read our fuller account with more videos here.


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